RootsBound Travel is dedicated to assisting you in your genealogy research and arranging
travel to your ancestral home.

Haven't you always wanted to make that special trip to learn more about your ancestors?  
Have you dreamed of visiting those places; the villages and towns where your ancestors
lived, to walk the roads and fields they knew.  

Let RootsBound Travel help you make that dream come true by providing ancestral travel
services that are personal, unique and focused.

It's your trip built around your genealogy and ancestral travel interests.

How It Works
Using the information that you provide about your ancestor we create a personalized,
unique trip of 7 to 10 days with an emphasis on the cultural and historical points of interest
to be visited (see
Our Services for more details).

In addition to any genealogy information we provide, we book your travel and lodging.  We
also provide maps and historical background for the area being visited.

Are you a member of a family history society?  Does your family history society want to take
a trip to your ancestral home but is put off by the effort to arrange the trip?  We can
arrange travel for any size group, just email us the details.

At present, we specialize in trips to the UK, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  Other countries
are available on request

If you have any questions, please contact us at
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